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Go Beyond SofteningWater Heater

Going beyond softening means removing more than just hardness from your water, it means dealing with the chemicals as well.

Water hardness affects things like your water heater, plumbing and appliances. It makes your skin dry and itchy. You have to use more soaps and cleaning products. Hardness affects your home, more specificaly the things in your home.

Water softening has been around for over 30 years. The technology has become more efficient but still the systems only remove the hardness. Some concerns water softeners cannot address include:


Bathing Water Concerns


Soft Water


Softening the water only removes the Patchcalcium carbonate and some iron. It does not remove things that can effect you through absorption or inhalation.

Does it make sense the chemicals that could be in your water could be absorbed through your skin as you are showering or working with the water, the same way the Nicotine patch works? Your skin is your body's largest organ. The pores in your skin quickly absorb any chemicals it comes in contact with.

Almost a century ago chlorine was added to our water supplies to kill the bacteria that was killing about 35,000 people a year. The chlorine did remove the bacteria and the death toll was down to 5,000 per year. Unfortunately like any drug a doctor prescribes there are side effects.

The side-effect of chlorine was that it combined with existing organic chemicals (dead plants and animals) to spin off a whole new set of water problems called Disinfection by-products (DBPs). The only set of disinfection by-products that are regulated by the EPA are trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which means they aerate very quickly when heated. Showering

When you shower in hot water the VOCs are aerated and you inhale these vapors. Softening water removes the hardness. Removing the hardness protects your appliances, your clothes, and your plumbing. Water Softeners do not and can not remove chlorine or chemicals from the water.

Going beyond softening means protecting yourself and your family from chlorine and chemicals. The Hague Watermax not only softens but goes "beyond softening" by removing chemicals like chlorine from the water for your entire home.  


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